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Director of RITT


Kris, an EMDR Consultant and trauma therapist,

trains Fellows in:

  • Parts Work

  • Early Attachment Repair for Adults

  • Somatic Interventions

Learn More​ about Kris

Kris SantaMaria developed RITT in response to a shortage of trauma trained therapists and a need for organized trauma-focused training.   It took her years to find the right tools for effective treatment.  RITT bridges the gap between graduate programs and integrative therapies, enabling emerging therapists to treat trauma effectively much sooner in their careers. 

RITT provides a supportive network to learn and gain confidence in these skills.

 This program will help participating therapists better guide clients to lasting wellness.



RITT Staff 

Ritt Staff
meagan Paul.jpg

Megan Paul,

Charlottesville and Richmond Offices

As a counselor, I strive to empower my clients to identify and build upon their strengths as well as focus on accomplishing their goals. I have worked with a variety of populations including children, families, and individuals living with serious mental illness. Using a person-centered approach, I hope to assist clients in addressing barriers to change through acceptance, compassion, and empathy.



Nate Skroban, LMSW

Charlottesville Office

I believe people are at their best when they are supported and empowered to live authentically in the world. I understand that each person has unique experiences that help shape who they are, and I believe that everyone has the tools within themselves to create the change, peace, or success they desire. I am here to listen, walk with you through your journey, and provide support and judgment-free space. My areas of clinical interest include working with people who have experienced trauma, who feel anxious or depressed, and those who are moving through life transitions or experiencing interpersonal conflict.


I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ, queer, and gender-expressive people to explore, heal, and find acceptance. Also central to my work is supporting those reconciling identity with religion, religious experiences, and religious trauma.


I operate from a strengths-based and trauma-informed perspective to empower clients using a variety of therapeutic approaches, including EMDR, CBT, solution-focused, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and Internal Family Systems.



Laura Young,

Charlottesville Office

Laura specializes in trauma and attachment work with children, adolescents, and adults.  Laura also has a background in kinship and foster care, and adoption.  Laura brings a strengths-based, relationship-focused lens to her work to support individuals in healing and deepening connections with themselves and others.



Crystal Oliver
MSW Supervisee

Charlottesville Office

As a therapist, I am most interested in finding the path to healing that best serves your needs. I believe every person has immense value. I also believe every person can access wellness. I pursued my social work degree after a 22-year Army career. Upon retirement, I owned a yoga and meditation studio for ten years, where I developed an understanding of the relationship between our mental health and our physical bodies. I believe that true healing must address the body, mind, and spirit. Does this mean we are doing yoga in our sessions? It could, but mostly it means I hope to help you create a greater attunement to your mind/body connection to improve your daily comfort as we work together to address the underlying issues causing distress.   


Crystal is a certified yoga therapist and specializes in mindfulness and meditation., Parts Work and EMDR.



Anne Dutilh Headshot _edited.jpg

Anne Dutilh,

Charlottesville Office

Anne Dutilh received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the College of William and Mary in 2013 and continued her education at George Mason University, graduating in 2019 with a Masters of Social Work in Clinical Practice. 


Anne’s therapeutic approach is grounded in holistic, strength-based and person-centered approaches to practice. She also emphasis the impact of systems on patient experiences and recognizes the mind body connection - focusing on the importance of simultaneous healing. She is trained in EMDR, somatic interventions, Parts Work and attachment issues.


Anne believes that every client deserves to be heard, validated, and accepted in a safe environment. She is passionate about trauma treatment and its transformative and healing capabilities.  



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