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RITT's Waiting List for the Culpeper Office is Closed
Due to a high volume of need, we occasionally have to stop taking clients.  As soon as we have a more reasonable wait time we will repost our online request form - please check back here periodically if you are still looking for an appointment.  We know this is frustrating and will begin taking new clients as soon as possible.  Please visit our resources page for other possible local providers and for national hotlines.

Accepting CSA, Private Pay & Medicaid


  • RITT is an outpatient therapy program that offers a wide range of current and creative therapeutic interventions.   Treatment is tailored to address complex issues and help each child/person/family access their own unique and ever-present resources for healing.


  • RITT is staffed with 6 highly skilled senior therapists, each with over 25 years of experience, and RITT Fellows. Each Fellow is receiving supervision toward their clinical license and intensive training in therapeutic techniques. 


  • Each client accepted into this program is assigned a RITT Fellow along with other appropriate Senior Clinicians.


  • RITT coordinates closely with the Department of Social Services or Region 10 Case Managers, and other community members as appropriate and will invite them to participate in the RITT Clinical Staffings for their clients.

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