Local Resources 

If you have an emergency please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline          1-800-273-8255

Sexual Assault Crisis Support                      434-977-7273


For after-hours crisis support please call:

Region Ten                                                          434.972.1800

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline               1-800-273-8255

Sexual Assault Crisis Support                          434-977-7273

ReadyKids - 24-hour Teen Crisis Hotline   434-972-7233

Teen Hotline                                                      310-855-4673

          Chat online at teenlineonline.org

Sexual Assault Crisis Support                         434-977-7273   24Hrs

SHE- Shelter Help in Emergency                434-293-8509   24Hrs

Narcotics Anonymous                                    1-800-777-1515

AA Anonymous                                                434-293-6565


 Local Resources

General Local Resources

Couples Therapy

Therapist for Children

Spanish Speaking Therapists

Substance Abuse Therapists

Somatic Therapy

EMDR Therapists

Equine Therapy

Group Therapy

Therapists for Eating Disorders

Therapists who accept Medicare

To Contact a RITT or RCG Therapist please email them directly.

RITT Therapists

RCG Therapists

To contact the RITT director email Kris@riverbendcounseling.net

Other Resources:

Covid Support for Children:

Download a copy of the Oyster and the Butterfly to help explain Covid-19 to your child

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