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Accepting CSA/FAPT Funding, Private Pay, Anthem and Aetna Commercial Insurances and 
Molina/Magellan, Aetna Better Health, Anthem Healthkeepers Plus and Sentara/Optima Medicaid Plans



RITT is an outpatient therapy program that offers a wide range of current and creative therapeutic interventions.   Treatment is tailored to address complex issues and help each child/person/family access their own unique and ever-present resources for healing.

Regarding child custody and visitation proceedings: Child development specialists strongly recommend that all custody and visitation issues be decided between the parents, with the help of a mediator or the like as needed, for positive and healthy decision making and prioritizing child needs.  RITT will work with your family therapeutically to move through difficult transitions and toward healing and stability.  Ongoing safe and healthy connection with all parents is best for a child.  And even better for parents to be positive about and supportive of the other parental relationships.

Once the court system is involved, no one wins. Asking your therapist for children’s records and/or to testify in court for any custody and visitation proceedings will harm the therapeutic trust for child clients and jeopardize ongoing services. If looking for court testimony and support, you will need to look for services from providers who offer parental and custody evaluations.  RITT does not offer this service.

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